Welcome to the Hootch!!!

The Hootch is a fully equipped party, live room, recording studio. Rock out a party showcase while recording your kick ass live album or record your hit album in isolation one track at a time. Whatever your pleasure.

We are locked and loaded and ready to rock! Here in the Hootch you can find at your ready:

2 Marshall half stacks (JCM2000, JCM900)
Pearl drums, Zildjan
Microphones by Shure, AKG, Sampson, Sennheiser
Mackie PA
Mackie floor monitor system
Korg 16 track hard drive
Logic Pro – Apple
Full rack of gear compressors/preamps/etc by Presonus, Focusrite, Marshall, Tascam, Furman, and Korg.
Endless Boss fx
Guitars by: Gibson, Paul Reed Smith, Kramer, Fender and Artist Series.

You dig?


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